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R&R Rejuvenation, LLC

Awakening Consciousness through Wellness

Crystal Light Therapy

Crystal Light Therapy may be defined as chromo therapy or color therapy. An individual relaxes comfortably on a massage table under several crystal cannons. Each crystal has been attuned for a specific purpose and associated color which is used to cleanse the body’s Chakras and Auric field or energy body. Crystal Light therapy heightens the awareness of color, and opens the capacity to heal. This therapy is completely holistic and non-invasive. It’s purpose is to eliminate and remove energy blocks which are locked in the body's energy field. These blocks may have been caused by physical, mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual issues present in an individual's life-stream.

Chakra Associated Colors

Root (Color Red) - Localized around the coccyx, governs physical energy, sexuality, the capacity of creation, activates circulation, favors the spinal column, stimulates the nervous system and revitalizes the physical body.

Spleen (Color Orange) - Located two fingers down from the navel, increases creativity, favors relationships, helps the kidneys and intestines, diminishes allergies, eliminates fat and activates the glandular supply to the kidneys.

Umbilical (Color Yellow) - Located in the height of the stomach, favors personal power, the stomach, digestion, the bones, the veins, liver, and skin. It reduces depression, stimulates the stream to vent one's spleen, generates muscular energy and activates motor neurons.

Heart (Color Green) - Located in the chest at the height of the heart, favors the auto-immune system, has a sedative, harmonizing and relaxant affect. It inspires optimism and serenity. This color is good against tumors, asthma, opening the arteries and the blood vessels. It also helps in the treatment of hypertension. It balances the aura, and is useful to improve cysts and diabetes.

Throat (Color Blue) - Located in the height of the throat, favors communication, the emotions, is a relaxant, strips afflictions, and eliminates warts. It has been known to help in the cases of hemorrhoids and insomnia. It is useful for the hypothalamus (pituitary gland), endocrine system, thyroid, throat, ears, teeth and reduces stress.

Third Eye (Color Indigo) - Located in the middle of forehead the Third Eye develops clairvoyance, intuition, contact and the tuning with the I Superior. It has been known to help in the cerebral cortex, pineal gland, motor neurons, the lymphatic and cardiac systems. It can help to improve depression.

Crown (Color Ultra Violet) - Located high on the head, and pineal gland (gland of life), helps in gross realization and illumination.

Who Recommends Crystal Light Therapy?

You do!

Crystal Light Therapy uses colors that are around us each and everyday of our lives. Why not use Crystal Light Therapy to enhance your body's ability to deal with everyday stress and anxiety? Crystal Light Therapy can be the catalyst for the healing process to begin.

Does Crystal Light Therapy have limitations?


Crystal Light Therapy optimizes and focuses the use of color.

Color can be seen in every plant, animal, even in our office settings; as we go about our busy daily schedule. We are immersed in color all day, every day. 

This glorious world does not contain all it’s wonderful color by chance.

Color heals us.

Focused color, as in Crystal Light Therapy accelerates the healing process, each session building upon the next assisting the body, in removing energetic blocks that are obstructing the body’s natural energy flow, and enabling the body to heal.