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R&R Rejuvenation, LLC

Awakening Consciousness through Wellness


Welcome to and the future of this beautiful planet we call home. This is our first post. Lets enlighten the world!

Recently while meditating on the Root Chakra, I was presented with the image of a BANYAN TREE. I have decided to share my vision with you, the leaders of the world.

The Banyan Tree represents interconnectedness. Many people see a forest of banyan trees as a collection of separate trees when, in reality, they are all interconnected. So is it also for Humanity, each individual believes themselves to be separate from the whole and that their decisions only affect themselves and that one decision is simply an isolated event in their life stream. A majority of society does not consider the possibility, that their potential decision may influence others. They may assess the internal and external factors which could have consequences which may at the present appear separate or detached from global events; however, their influence may be felt in a distant time or space. Such are the consequences of daily decisions made by politicians, and world leaders without considering the potential interconnectedness and the blow these decisions may have on sustainability and achievement for the world as a whole.

Every individual is a LEADER, with whom each of us must interact and discover the interrelationships which exist among us. We must foster alternative solutions which will lead to a healthier planet, with sustainable living for all humanity. We are the leaders that have the power to change to world.

Recognize that your daily decisions influence others. Choose wisely. Note the potential outcome in five days, a month, a year or even fifty years from now. Take into consideration the influence that your decisions will have on the future of your children, your children’s-children. We must take a stand for our FUTURE


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